Production capacity

The company’s priority is production of consumer commodities: “Gorodskoy” bread, “Stolichniy” bread, “Darnitskiy” bread and “Sliced” long loaf, of course. Technical management’s primary aim is automation of these breads production lines. Thus, a cooler and a conveyor were installed at the first bakery plant in 2008. The conveyor connected the long loaf production line with the American wrapping machine “UBE” that was installed in 2007. As a result, a complex long loaf baking, cooling, slicing, and packing production lines appeared. A new proof cabinet with an automated long loaf cutter is planned to be installed next year. It will improve technological processes in the proof cabinet, thus making it easier to bake.

The American wrapping machine was also installed at line #5 which produces “Gorodskoy” and “Stolichniy” bread. A cooling effect was achieved without outside help by installing a conveyor connecting the oven with a wrapping machine. As a result, they began to sell sliced breads in colored packing.

A new conveyor was launched in November 2008. It allowed “Darnitskiy” bread from the oven to go directly to the new aflat improved packager “Бестром - 120” (“Bestrom-120”). It packages up to 120 long loafs per minute. It automatically stops working when no bread is produced which minimizes defective goods production.  

The company began to develop the technology of frozen bread production in 2009. A freezer room and a freezing chamber for bread storing were installed at the first bakery plant. “Frozen” bread is delivered from the factory straight to the city stores which have mini bake houses “Hot bakery”.  The mini bake house’s packaging arrangement includes a freezing bin for storing frozen goods, a bar for defrosting and chilling baked goods, a proof cabinet, and an oven.

A Swiss automated flaky paste production line “Rondo” was installed at “Karaway” in December 2009.

Транспортировочная лента Set of the equipment for a minibakery

Joint-stock company “Karaway” is continually developing and modernizing its production. The company’s technical management carries out activities on elimination unprofitable productions and automation of bakery and confectionery production, which reduces manual labor usage to a minimum. Nowadays, there are six automated bread production lines there. Two bread-making plants produce ninety-nine tons of finished product just within a day. A Swiss frozen convenience foods production “Rondo” is installed at the plant.

Also, “Karaway” closely cooperates with a French company “Bongard”. Recently a new modern hearth oven “Omega-2” has been installed in the bakery department. “Omega-2” is high-technology analog to the traditional “granny’s” oven. The electric oven is a “four-storey” oven with a traditional hearth-stone. That is why bread is baked right at the hearth-stone. The heat from the hearth-stone spreads throughout the whole loaf of bread, thus shortening the production time. Is also enables bakers to make it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A control panel on “Omega” is very convenient for the baker who can set up time, humidity, and temperature separately for each level of the oven. 

A new low impact dough dividing machine “Paneotrad” by the French company “Bongard” is installed at the bakery department as well. It makes it possible to cut dough into slices of any size, thus giving the baker plenty of room for imagination while creating the breads. The western companies attach a “handmade” label on products made on such dough dividing machines.  

Процесс транспортировки Упаковочная машина Линия RONDO

Annual adoption of new equipment enables “Karaway” to acquire experience from western bakery companies and use only up-to-date bread-making techniques. 






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