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Joint-Stock Company “Karaway”’s Story and Current State.

It so happens that the bakery plant is older than the city of Angarsk itself. The “Karaway”’s story began in 1949 when the first bread-making plant was built. Since then, they began to bake bread necessary for the builders in that newly established village. Three years later the village was turned into a city and the small bakery plant needed to be expanded. A new bakery plant appeared in the central part of the city on Mira Street in 1957. A new enterprise, “The Bakery plant of Angarsk,” was formed. Implementation of the new high-capacity plant made it possible to expand the production of bread. They began to make breads and baked goods, and in 1967 a new department of waffle and waffle cake production opened. Bakery plant №1 was placed in operation in southwest Angarsk in 1979. The first in Irkutsk rye bread production lines were installed here. The well-known “Angarskiy Darnitskiy” bread was one of the first to be produced. After approving the bakery plant privatization plan in 1993, the enterprise was reorganized into a new joint-stock company “Karaway”. The new status gave the enterprise an opportunity to make decisions independently. In 2005, the bakery plant “Karaway” made its way to the food market of Krasnoyarsk by buying out its municipal bread-making plant “Yenisei”. Since 2006, Shelekhovskiy bakery plant has been a part of the enterprise as well. In 2010, another bakery plant appeared in the city of Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia. Nowadays, the joint-stock company “Karaway” includes five bread-making plants which follow the traditions of baking breads and ensure time-tested quality of their products. There are two bakery plants in Angarsk, one in Shelekhov, Ulan-Ude and Krasnoyarsk. Each of them has its own story of development, but all of them have the following as their purpose: serving the consumer and the society in general, creating tasty and healthy foods, and providing people with the most important and necessary kind of food, bread. Due to the unique combination of Russian baking traditions, modern techniques, and effective management, “Karaway” strengthens its positions on the market, obtaining recognition of the consumers, which makes the enterprise one of the most prominent producers of bread, baked goods, and confectionery in East Siberia. Nowadays, “Karaway” offers a continuously renewing assortment of goods. It produces about seventy kinds of pastry and more than forty kinds of bread and baked goods. Invariably high quality of its produce is conditioned by the use of organic ingredients. Only modern techniques are used at all production stages, and the enterprise rigorously abides by all the trade and company quality standards. All products have certificates of quality.

Continual Modernization and Capacity Expansion.

Joint-stock company “Karaway” is continually improving its production methods. The company’s technical management carries out activities to eliminate unprofitable productions and automate production of baked goods and confectionery. These measures reduce manual labor usage to a minimum. Introduction of imported equipment enables “Karaway” to follow western companies’ experiences by using only up-to-date techniques.

Unique company style.

Joint-stock company “Karaway” was the first in the region to pack up its goods into colorful wrapping. Not only it emphasizes aesthetics and hygiene of the production process, but also assures of the fact that a certain product was made in one of “Karaway”‘s production facilities. What is most important is that the shelf life of such products is significantly extended. Joint-stock company “Karaway”’s Marketing. The company commands a considerable share of the market in Irkutsk region. Its products are delivered from Tulun, Zima, and Nizchneudinsk, to Baykalsk. Right now, “Karaway” is a well-established company working for the markets of Krasnoyarsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. Moreover, the company delivers its products to Chita and exports them to Mongolia.

Regional and International Recognition.

Not only the customers but also participants and sponsors of different shows, workshops, as well as representatives of administrative agencies value the quality and volumes of production the company offers. “Karaway” received awards at various exhibition shows in Irkutsk, Chita, Krasnoyarsk, Blagoveshchensk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and Ulan-Ude. It received the best food enterprise of the region award and an appreciation award for cooperation with the Republic of Mongolia. The famous “Angarskiy Darnitskiy” bread and biscuit “Mishutka” became winners of the all-Russian contest ‘’100 Best Goods of Russia”. To cut a long story short, “Karaway” has received plenty of awards and can claim that all of them are well-earned.


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